When I was six-years-old, I received the world’s best Christmas present – a Yamaha toy keyboard.  It was plastic.  It was purple.  It only allowed you to play one note at a time.  But it was perfect.  And sometime after my thousandth living room performance of “Ode to Joy,” I decided that perhaps I should learn how to play music for real.  So at nine-years-old, I started writing songs with my cousins that for some reason all began with the letter “w” and were all very sad, because even in fourth grade, I thought happy songs were overrated.


Flash forward a few years, and I had outgrown my little Yamaha keyboard...but I never outgrew my love of music.  So at eighteen, I packed my bags for Berklee College of Music to explore the mysterious realm of “professional music.”  And after an enlightening time up in Boston, I returned to the great state of New Jersey where I have been pursuing music ever since.


A lot has happened in the past six years.  I have been lucky enough (and by lucky I mean I worked really freaking hard) to have performed at over 100 venues and festivals from New York to Florida, been featured on radio stations across the country, and worked with some really amazing musicians and producers.  I was awarded Top New Female Act at the 2013 Jersey Acoustic Music Awards, which prompted me to record an album.  This album, “The Broken Road,” debuted in Songwriting Magazine in 2016 under my real name, Chelsea Carlson.  Which brings me almost up-to-date...


Here I am, 25-years-old and ready to begin the next phase of my musical saga.  After a year of some serious soul-searching, it is time to embrace change and begin a new chapter.  I am so excited to share this adventure with you :)