New Directions for Carlsea

ZO Magazine; by Kendra Beltran

April 11, 2018

"Changing one's direction isn't always easy but it's necessary to grow.  Carlsea had a whole different name and sound when she started out.  Over time she's evolved into the singer-songwriter she is today.  With her debut single as Carlsea out now she's ready to show the world what she is capable of." 

Flanders' Carlsea offers new electro-pop sound in latest single

Mount Olive Chronicle; by Phil Garber

March 29, 2018

"Get ready for Carlsea, the 2018 re-branding of Flanders singer and songwriter Chelsea Carlson.  The 25-year-old said she has moved from a largely, rock agenda to a more modern, electronic and pop sound.  Her inspirations include such international stars as Aurora, Lorde, Sia, and Christina Perri." 

Interview with Carlsea

Jersey Indie; by Sonia Schnee

February 08, 2018

"Northern NJ singer-songwriter Carlsea (aka Chelsea Carlson) has taken on a new sound – and a new stage name – with the release of her upcoming single, "Windows."  Read about her exciting transformation, and Coffeehouse Tour of New Jersey."

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